Boardgame Prototypes

This page is a showcase for my boardgame prototypes - some more elaborate then others. Please forgive the current lack of any downloads, but I really don't like putting work-in-progress rules here.


Survivor is a co-operative survival boardgame for up to 6 players. They take on the role of planecrash survivors, stranded on a deserted island in the pacific - each with a specific talent.
The goal is to flee the island by building a raft with enough space for the players and supplies. However, survival is only for the fittest. Players have to explore the island, organize a campsite and fire, hunt for food or try some of those unknown fruits.

When arriving at the island all the hexagons are turned face down. The players have to explore the island to gain an overview of the resources at hand.
At the same time players have to keep an eye on their needs. They need nutrients to stay healthy, bandages to nurse wounds and herbs to cure diseases. If an individuals health drops to low he may not be able to carry out a certain task.

Tropical illnesses, poisonous plants and wild animals pose a permanent threat - meanwhile the storm season is approaching. To aid the players in their struggle, there is a crafting system. It allows them to create basic tools, improvements and finally a raft. Combining wood with stone creates, for example, an axe - which is useful when trying to chop wood in jungle spaces or to a certain degree even suitable for combat.

Real Estate

Real Estate lets players slip into the role of realtors trying to achieve the most profit. It is important where a player places his estates and which rival he takes on. An estate next to a coal plant will lose value, whereas, an estate next to the city hall will gain in value. There is no coinage in the game thus players have to sell (to the bank) in order to buy.
A thief and a VIP token add aditional dynamics to the game.