About me

My name is Marko Jelen. I'm an aspiring designer with two years of AAA industry experience, interested in level and game design alike. This site serves as a portfolio blog for my projects and prototypes.

I am very enthusiastic about boardgames and an avid gamer, my favorite genre being RPGs. Further I love attending game jams and meeting new people there. Creating a game with people you first met two hours ago is both a challenging and exciting task.

As a designer, my skills include the theoretical-creative process (writing concepts and design docs) and turning these ideas into an actual game. Crafting lively game spaces and breaking down experiences into game mechanics is something I consider a very interesting activity. Having completed an internship as 3d artist has given me valuable insight and experience in asset creation and spatial design.

I like to prototype and sketch game ideas or just mechanics / experiences which are often inspired by a theme I'm currently fascinated about. You can find most of these prototypes on this page.

Thanks to my experiences in game jams, student projects and professional work I can communicate on a shared base level with designers, artists and programmers. I'm quite ambitious and hard working (especially in a team environment) and I don't give up easily.

Professional Experience

  • Game Designer, since 04/2012, Cliffhanger Productions - Working on the upcoming turn-based strategy browser game Jagged Alliance Online
  • Level Designer, 2007-2009, Piranha Bytes - Assisted in creating the detailed and beautiful game world of Risen
  • 3d Artist Intern, 2007, Piranha Bytes - Modeled, textured and sculpted several assets for a canceled project and later for Risen


  • MA - Master of Arts, Graduated 2011, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg: Digital Arts
  • Master thesis (german): "Möglichkeiten zur Erstellung von Horror-Gameplay durch Adaption filmischer Erzähltechniken und deren Projektion auf Konzepte des videoludischen Horror-Genres" / "Creating horror gameplay through adaptation of cinematic storytelling techniques and their projection on concepts of the videoludic horror genre."
  • BSc - Bachelor Of Science, Graduated 2007, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg: Media Technology and -design

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