Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Lockpicking mechanic

I've been playing around with an idea for my own lockpicking mini-game
(obviously influenced by Bethesda's).

The clou behind this one is, that it is heavily dependent on player skill. Although the lock difficulty influences the lockpick tolerance, a player with enough skill/training can open any lock at an instant.

At the moment input is only possible via controller (two analog sticks).

(Game controller is required!)

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

There Goes The Neighborhood - Unity

I put a Unity webplayer version of the TGTN Project online. This level was created after the project was over and is based on the Tutorial Town level design document (pdf). I'm still thinkering every now and then on the scene, but there's no real gameplay here (yet?). Anyhow you can grasp some of the atmosphere a finished project would have provided.

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Global Game Jam 2012: Jormungandr

I survived my first global game jam and had lots of fun developing with complete strangers! The location in Vienna was great and everything, except from the occasional WiFi malfunction, went smoothly. 
I participated in a team of 4 people making a fake nordic boardgame with Unity.

You can play it online at: GGJ2012 Jormungandr